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Structural Enhancement

Till recent times, retrofitting has been mainly to restore the structure close to its design capacity.

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Corrosion Damage

Factors responsible for causing corrosion of steel in concrete are congested reinforcement in small…

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Chemical Attack

Acids handled in Industrial structures often spill on to concrete structural elements…

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Explosion & Fire Damage

In many cases of fire or explosion, severe damage is more likely to be caused by expansion…

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Seismic Retrofitting

In order to reduce earthquake disaster, building collapse is required to be prevented.

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Protective Coating & Waterproofing

Due to the heterogeneous nature of concrete, it gets easily attacked by chemicals, weather etc.

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Heritage Buildings & Conservation

Awareness about conservation of Heritage structures is a recent phenomenon in India.

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What is it?Is it really,like we all believe,the ability to live forever?Or is it the expertise to stop time in its tracks?

At Ushta Infinity,we don’t pretend to know the answers.What we do know,however,is how to slow time down,even if by a little,by helping restore its ravages on your creations,and undo its debilitating effects on your construction assets.Thanks to our reconstruction prowess and our construction interventions,we endeavor to protect your accomplishments and give you a brief glimpse of what it means to be eternal.
Because while we and all that we create might not be around forever,there is no reason why the excellence and quality we breathed,for as long as we lived,shouldn’t be around a little longer.Continuing to impress,continuing to inspire.

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