About Us

We are Ushta Infinity.We like to believe we are in the business of making a difference.To your past,your present,and your future. Even if only with respect to construction projects that you have completed,undertaken,or maintaining.As a renowned name in the art of rehabilitation,repairs,retrofitting, and allied construction work across the entire spectrum of civil, industrial and infrastructure projects,Ushta Infinity has earned its laurels through a fertile imagination,unconventional thinking and varied experience.Very few organizations can boast of our perfect mix of cutting edge technological expertise and progressive skill sets.

Established in 1982 and driven by the singular vision of Mr. D. N. Engineer,today,we are one of the top organizations working across a broad canvas and recognized across India and select overseas markets as a leading and reliable construction intervention partner.We have always been regarded as the provider of the most technologically advanced,practically effective and economical solutions,and continue to do so.

While in the business of protecting your legacy,we are also mindful of protecting our own by sharing our knowledge,our thinking and skill-sets through regular training sessions,summer workshops and awareness programs for engineering students and professionals. Ushta Infinity staff has also presented and published research papers in various technical institutions to further the industry’s interests.

After all,we understand that only by empowering our future generations can we aspire to enrich our nation’s talent pool and only through this can we leave behind a legacy that will outlive us and outlast even time itself.