Cement Mill Foundation


Damaged / cracked portion of the cement mill foundation


Excavation carried out up to the foundation top


Foundation after repair

Make OR Break Factor

With just a 48-hour shutdown window available, all preparatory work was carried out under full perating conditions.Foundation work was completed within 40 hours of shut down with vibration levels reduced to 3 mm/sec.


  • The sub-structure of the cement mill exhibited separation cracks in three different locations. This was due to vibrations in the foundation that went far above the permissible limit of 5 mm/sec to 12 mm/sec.


  • The desired strength requirements were huge so as to factor in the vibrations, which is why materials were modified to meet and even exceed strength expectations.


  • Post analysis, we zeroed in on first grouting the cracks in the core concrete
  • We then provided MS reinforcement and steel jackets all around the foundation while anchoring them to the parent concrete with shear connectors
  • We then commenced with micro-concreting of the space in between the steel jacket and the parent concrete to further reinforce it